MKE Week 19 – What Happened?

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It is not surprising, but yet, it caught me off guard. As I was getting ready to write and post my week 20 blog, I realized that somehow, I had missed submitting a blog for week 19. How does this happen?

For 18 weeks everything fell in line. I had put into place all the exercises, checked my workbook regularly to ensure I was getting everything done, and got really comfortable. With some changes to our daily lives, the old blueprint got a burst of energy to try to revive itself.

Thankfully, the watchman at the gate is well aware and alert, and is getting me back on track.
Nice try, Old Blueprint, but I’m a self-directed thinker now, yes, there is a new sheriff in town, and you’re not welcomed here!

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  • Enjoyed reading your blog Pedro. Even though you were a little late submitting your blog, you made sure your old blueprint didn’t stay long to recover it’s lost foothold on your Subby. Great job!

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