MKE Week 7 – Canvas of Possibility

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Initially, identifying my ideal quiet space proved challenging. I assumed lying in bed would suffice, but distractions arose, hindering my ability to focus and visualize.

Realizing this wasn’t effective, I stepped out of my comfort zone to discover a more suitable space. Commencing with deep breaths to release tension, I closed my eyes gradually, aiming to clear my mind.

Despite initial difficulties, I persisted in creating a vivid and detailed mental image, incorporating senses like touch and smell. While success fluctuated, I endeavored to connect with positive emotions, experiencing fleeting moments of joy and satisfaction.

Affirmations became a consistent practice, though not always seamlessly connected. Gratitude and the repetition of “Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” reinforced my belief, emphasizing the keys of consistency and unwavering faith.

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