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It is said Owls symbolize inner wisdom, transformation, and change. Master Key Experience (MKE) is like an Owl in that sense. Embarking on this journey, you go through all these in your thinking, outlook about life and how you see others as well as yourself! In some cultures Owls are known as “eternal teachers”, MKE’s teaching are ‘eternal’ in a sense as well.

One of my favorite sentences in Scroll II of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman is

My bad habits must be destroyed, and new furrows prepared for good seed!

And the sentence

I greet this day with love in my heart.

makes you do a happy dance and puts a smile on your face! But there are mornings, I said, “really”??? However, I keep reading it and know that this will help my transformation!

I’m necessarily a negative person or have tons of ‘bad habits but there was a lot of learning in this section for me! Scroll II is like taking Vitamins!

I hate being told what to do! Don’t ‘tell me what to do’, teach me so that I remember, be patient and repeat, yes, involve me in the lesson so I can learn and remember! That’s what MKE does, they don’t just tell you, they involve you and they repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat!

All this reading, the Gal in the Mirror, the service cards, front and back! The Press Release, play the movie in your head! Read. Sit still and listen, write down this and that! I thought to myself, will I ever go back to my daily life like it was before MKE???? Do I want to?

Reading the 7 Laws of the Mind, the 7 Day Mental Diet … these were good … not thinking, saying anything negative and if you did, you had to start all over! Object is to go through 7 straight days of non-negative speech and thought!

That was tough! I come from a very negative way of talking, expressing myself and believing that’s just the way you talk! Cursing and using negative language was normal. If I dropped something it was so common to say to myself, ‘wow, what’s wrong with you?

You Klutz, you stupid or what? It was natural to put myself down, didn’t need anyone to put me down, I did a good job of it all by my lonesome!

Learning different ways to learn and recreate how we want our Future Self to be was huge! I’ve taken a lot of other classes about this topic, but MKE has a different approach, I feel it is more real and easier to understand. Makes more sense.

Recording our voice and listening to it, learning that our ‘subby’ has no defense against our voice, so we can begin to speak to our intimate self in a more loving way and guiding it to slowly emerge as a “New Being”, was an eye opener for me!

I had made recordings before but never used the recordings in this manner. Not for self-improvement! Mostly used it to memorize lessons, or speeches I was supposed to give.

Week 7, also spoke of forgiveness, made me think of many things, from holding onto past hurts, imagined hurts, letting it all go and working on doing as Jesus did living in the Now!
It’s only week 7, there’s a long road ahead, but I will keep my eyes on the road and keep driving! Pray there’s lots of gas stations along the way!

I Love that we are “Perfect and Evolving” … always improving and becoming the best we can be!

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