MKE Week 17 HJ – Feeling a Little Weird

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I believe Mark J commented that at this point in the MKE course, some participants may a little disoriented as they transition from their old blueprint to their new blueprint, and letting loose of their old identity.

I may be one of those participants. It does not help that I developed a respiratory infection over the past weekend. My throat and chest are congested, and my energy level is down. I am not used to this, as I am usually very healthy, and hardly ever fall ill.

Before I was accepted to participate in MKE, I had started reading Mark J’s book “Standing Tall, Acquiring The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly”. This book is a course in itself, if the readings are followed as instructed.

I have spent the last 5 months doing just that. Although it somewhat parallels MKE, it does require additional time each day. I may have taken on more than I should, but I was open to the challenge, and eager to turn the page to my future self.

Of this, I have no regret.

The moon is full tonight, and as I am writing this, I can feel my energy start to return, as I watch the moon rise over the nearby mountains. I am the hero in my journey, and I will conquer these obstacles.

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I’ve always loved the outdoors and exploring. Growing up in Florida, I earned a degree in forestry from the University of Florida, and worked in that profession for 15 years. Subsequent forays in sales and customer service drew me into a desire to help others. My wife, Millie and I have been married for 21 years, and spent several years living in western North Carolina, and upstate New York. A brief visit to South America inspired us to move to Ecuador, where we have been living in a completely different environment for the last year and a half.
Still exploring…….

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