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“How can each of us be, The Greatest Salesman in the World?” Webby asked this question and the answer was simple and emailed FabD with my answer and my reward – have a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.

I love things that make me think. With all we are learning and practicing it didn’t take long to answer it. The new question of “What am I pretending not to know?” That is a much better question since I had to think about it for a while.

I find that pretending not to know anything is fear of whatever that is. This way I ignore it and it’s not there until it is. Very common when I was dealing with my children. Finally, being honest about it resolved the issue most of the time. Now that I’m older I tend to talk to my MM about it quickly.

Taking longer to resolve it brings on regret just like Mark J mentioned in the webby.

I always keep my promises…

– Robert G Rea

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I’m 71 now and making a better life for me and my family. My wonderful wife Raphaela and I live in Virginia. My children live all over the USA. Peace and Blessings to all.

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  • That is a powerful question. I would say many of us don’t think of it, nor do we want to possibly know the answer.

  • I am finding a most important thing to develop well is the “objective observer”. Historically, I addressed things…did not ignore them but how I handled them blew up in my face and things were not resolved. Becoming dispassionate and taking emotion out of some things is key to many things for me. I strive to attain your success.

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