MKE Week 17HJ – A Little Hiccup

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So it’s confession time, and I’m in catch up mode once again. I returned earlier in the week from a networking event on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Even though I took some of my course materials with me, it was a challenge at times with the internet service trying to access some of the information on my phone.

It wasn’t a total abandonment of the course for those days however, as I had my flash cards with me, the previous Haanel lessons in my photo gallery or my sound recorder, as well as the current monthly chapter of The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Relaxing on the pool deck gave me time to reflect on the Part 17 lesson from Haanel. It’s interesting how some of the paragraphs call to mind and reinforce the different 7 laws of the mind.

Intuition usually comes in the Silence

The Master Key, Charles Haanel, 17:24

Referencing the Law of Relaxation. And 17:25 talks about the subconscious has no limit to what it can achieve when directed properly. This calls to mind the Law of the Subconscious, as it will go to work 24/7 to manifest a demand.

The other thing that at least kept me grounded was having just come off of Kindness Week, there were plenty of examples of that shown by the crew and staff on the ship, as well as Decisiveness, which was my virtue to look for during that week.

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  • Good for you for staying engaged during your cruise! I hope you enjoyed some down time as well.

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