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Home on Wednesday from my wonderful holiday with family in Mexico. Bit of a shock to the system to go from +30 to -10 but could have been worse. My kids from the Prairies were going home to -30. That’s a 60degree difference in temperature. BRRRRR!!!!

Fortunately, while away, I missed the huge one-day storm that hurled massive tree trunks onto the shoreline and caused some flooding along the waterfront and the 4 ½” of snow that fell the following week.

Now I really have to get busy and catch up on all the work I missed due to moving, Xmas and visitors and illness, plus the 2week holiday, even though I did take my computer to Mexico.

Having trouble buying a daily newspaper to read the obits. Our little local weekly paper didn’t have any and I haven’t been able to get to the city yet (45minute drive minimum, depending on traffic) to get one so behind on that exercise too.

May have to improvise and buy a couple of large papers (like from the major cities in the States) with lots of obits and only read two per day as I can’t afford to drive in every day. (a Senior’s pension only stretches so far!!)

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  • Great to have you back Marguerite. You will get caught up in no time. Just do small bits daily and you will be surprised how quickly it happens.

    Welcome home!

  • Welcome home Marguerite! I’m glad you had safe travels to and from Mexico and had a lovely holiday with your family.

    I couldn’t find any obituaries in my town’s small weekly paper. I went to my local library and read the only daily paper it has. The library doesn’t have any subscriptions to any of the major papers. Are you able to read the paper at a local library? I hope you were able to find some larger papers to read the obituaries.

    I hope you’re able to get caught up on your readings and other assignments.😄

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