MKE Week 17HJ – Boot Camp

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What an amazing week. The content of the webcast was filled with vital information and calls to action. I am the happiest I’ve been in years. I have the support of a great guide, and very passionate mastermind partner. I’ve been inspired and it’s kept me going.

I was pleased to get the reminders of what I need to focus on this week. Today, I learned my full color code pie chart, primary Blue and secondary white. Smidges of red and yellow. Guess I’m a party pooper, but you won’t know it if I crash Kansas this summer!

I even remembered to submit my email to FabD… the answer to this week question. I feel so connected!


In harmony,
~Laura Kennedy

Meet Laura Kennedy

Passionate holistic practitioner and coach. Incorporating yoga, medication, and herbalism in her practice, she shares wisdom to help others. She is a mother of two fine young men, loves nature and learning.

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  • Hi Laura, thanks for sharing your happiness and progress! At times, I still feel like I’m in boot camp.😊

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