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This week I decided to pack all my MKE materials and hit the road to Florida’s west coast (gulf side near Tampa). Our son who has been in the US Army for about 10 years is being medically retired from the military. He and his wife have decided to sell their house. With the selling of the house, there are some things my son mentioned he wanted to do in preparing the house to put it on the market.

I packed some tools, all my MKE materials, some clothes and hit the road. Spent the week there with them. Replaced all their bathroom faucets; they didn’t all need replacing, but he wanted all the faucets to match. Fixed one of their toilets, and spent the week fixing things, donating furniture and toys, and delivering them to different families and places.

So, Pedro, what does all this have to do with your Master Key Experience? Well, the attribute I’m focusing on this week is decisiveness, and the week was not only filled with decisiveness, it was filled with: discipline, courage, persistence, specialized knowledge, self-control, enthusiasm, imagination, taking initiative, and well-organized, and all of it was wrapped around in kindness.

As I focus on decisiveness this week, I can’t help but find kindness everywhere, and all other attributes. I can’t help battle-shipping and finding other attributes within it, especially kindness.

I love that this experience has shown me to be a great observer, and not just go with the flow and miss all the wonderful things that are happening every second of every day all around us.

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  • Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational blog Pedro. I liked that you not only saw decisiveness but all the other virtues this week, especially kindness! It’s amazing how all the virtues are intermingled in every day activities and how kindness is everywhere!

  • Brad, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. This experience is life changing. We are all great observers already, the thing is that we had been conditioned to observe and focus on the wrong things!

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