MKE Week 17HJ – Concentration

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Today it’s about Concentration, this helps foster positiveness it helps emit to yourself permission to be happier in every day life.

Concentration is a challenging task. However, when I do my meditation sit every morning for 15 min while listening to Chakra, aligning it with the 7 laws of the mind that MKE teaches, I feel it helps me to see improved mental clarity with more of an ability to concentrate.

Its creating a holistic approach to concentration. I Embrace these ancient wisdoms with the new wisdoms and insights to unlock the full potential of my mind.

Which helps to foster increased awareness, clarity, and being happy. It helps with self-improvement and contributes with an ever-expanding mind.
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  • Becoming happier in every day life with concentration. Love it.
    Meditation sit and listening to Chakra, aligning it with the 7 laws of the mind. Sound wonderful.
    Great read Terri.

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