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For nearly 2 decades I’ve been hosting and producing my own radio show titled A RIGHT TO KNOW® (for the most part, unpaid). They say when you’re doing your passion, you get lost in the moment, time stops, and you’re in a zone, in your bliss.

This is where I am while doing my show. It has certainly been a labor of love, researching, booking and following up with guests, prepping the show, recording, editing, posting, etc. Just one single show takes a great deal of time and energy.

For nearly 10 years I was on FM radio doing my show LIVE, it was great! I had an engineer, producer, and was able to pay a cameraman to tape the show, so we could post on You Tube as well.

However, on some level, I’ve always had to put my show on the sidelines, to focus on a different job to earn a living. I’ve seen other podcasters, interview the same guests I’d interviewed, on topics I covered 10 and 15 years ago, and their shows are taking off, as they attract tons of followers.

Some of them, making a good living via their sponsors, due to the huge subscribership they’ve built through social networking. They’re also invited and paid to speak at conferences, etc.

It has been very frustrating for me, knowing I have all the essentials, skills, talent, intelligence, people skills, connections, etc. These days, many guests look at your number-of-subscribers and that is how they determine if they will accept an invitation to be on one’s show or not.

Experience, track record, talent, previous guests, etc. does not matter, it’s ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS nowadays. I’ve been uneager to take on to the degree necessary, yet another job, the social network game.

It’s been quite frustrating at times; I stuggle with having to do all the tech and social networking, and that is not my sandbox so to say.

So I must do my show consistently to grow my subscribers, because that is wherein lies the power to excel to the next level, and I’m currently in the toughest, awkward, in-between space.

It’s essential to hang-in-there, build a strong following, then more income is generated via sponsors, which would enable me to hire techies so that I can focus on what I do best, and pay my bills and some.

This has been a 20 year stuggle, and it has hit me strong this week, as the 5th Verity echoes in my mind, we must make FIRST THINGS FIRST, which is my radio show! As well as the Master Key Experience, 24 week course, where I’m learning so many things to activiate the success I desire, doing my passion.

You must first have the knowledge of your power, second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

Master Key Experience, Charles Haanel, Pt. 12:intro

Perhaps I’ve given up at this uncomfortable in-between stage in the past, rather than knowing my power, continuously having the courage to dare, and the faith that I can create whatever I set out to with my show being a success!

I am more determined than ever to make this happen, to not give up or give in; To make my show the priority and all else supports this goal, until I’ve created my own unique expression…because

I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle

Greatest Salesman, Scroll IV

Sure, I’m a bit afraid of failure, I’m a little embarrased that my show is not yet where it should, and could be. Recently meeting Dr. Steven Greer at a VIP gathering after his conference in Washington, D.C.

He looked at me and said , “Sure I’d like to be on your show, how many followers to you have, 2 Million?”

He is someone I highly respect. I know I have what it takes, I will PERSIST until I SUCCEED (GS Scroll III)!

I always keep my promises,

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Sherry loves people, mamma earth. adventure, and traveling. Her friends and family are some of her most precious treasures!!

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  • Sherry, I believe in your ability to succeed. I feel your persistence and dedication to do the work.

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