MKE Week 17HJ – Navigating Indecisiveness in the Face of Fact

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I’ve been on a journey I didn’t even realize I was on until it brought me to this point. It’s like I’ve been preparing for something significant my whole life, and yet, when the moment arrives, I find myself vacillating, unable to make a firm decision. It’s like the fear of the unknown holds me back, even when the known is unacceptable.

The hero’s journey, as I’ve come to understand it, reflects our human experience through struggle, transformation, and self-realization. It’s a path that weaves through uncertainty and fear, often leading to moments of indecision, even when clarity seems to be within reach.

I’ve come to realize that this journey has been mine all along, and yet, even with this realization, I find myself wrestling with decisions that seem so clear to others.

The fear of the unknown grips me, despite knowing that the known path is no longer acceptable. It’s a paradox that I struggle to reconcile. But in the midst of this, I find solace in the understanding that this struggle is an integral part of the journey.

It’s a testament to the depth of change and growth that I am undergoing, even if it feels agonizing at times.

I want to say I’m on this path, navigating through the mire of indecision. I continue to grapple with this journey, finding my footing amid uncertainty, and striving to emerge stronger and more resolute than before.


It’s really true, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, our dreams will always materialize if we work for them. And, if we remain consistent.

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  • Heroes seldom choose the easy path, Stephanie. Thanks for your report having gathered intel from the Path Less Traveled!

  • Oh Stephanie…me too! Everything you wrote! There are, indeed, agonizing moments. Also, take solace in knowing you are not alone. Ultimately, we struggle alone….but with others by our sides strengthening, supporting, waiting patiently for us in our moments of indecision, fear and uncertainty. That is what I offer to you! And all on this journey.

  • Great to read about where you are now in your journey Stephanie. Thanks for sharing and being consistent.

  • Stephanie…it is so joyful being with you on this journey. Thank you for your consistency…and curiosity.

  • Hi Stephanie, With consistency you are making great progress.
    Celebrating the wins with you.

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