MKE Week 17HJ – Pick up the stick and RUN!

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In Week 17HJ we were reminded of the Hero’s Journey. It was a welcome and necessary reminder. It was perfect timing for myself, as well, I am sure it was good timing for others also, to be aware of the “refusal of the call.”

Around this time, in this MKE voyage we are on, it is easy to slip back and default to some of our old blueprint and behaviors. It was a good kick in the pants for me. In my past I would have felt like the victim and I would have wallowed in the fact that I was not giving 100% to what I had promised myself that I would do.

I always keep my promises! However, now, with what I have learned, I just got right back up onto my horse again, without any guilt, and started moving forward and looking ahead, instead of what was behind.

And this all tied into my Franklin Makeover. The virtue that I chose 3 weeks ago for myself to work on this week, was PERSISTENCE! Reminding myself to be the observer, I looked for examples in my life and in the world around me.

I started to see great examples in children on the soccer field, persisting until they got that goal and in animals, watching my friend’s little dog, trying over and over again to jump onto the couch so she could be with me.

And the most exciting was watching myself persist in getting right back on track with my daily exercises, readings and actions that will bring me to the end of my current Hero’s Journey by finding my new future self.

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  • Good for you! I also love watching those attributes in children and animals, but when you notice it in yourself – you are on the right track!

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