MKE Week 17HJ – This Week and Every Week Feels Like a Game Changer

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The heightened awareness of my concentration inspires me to embrace every week as a game-changer.

As I contemplate becoming a MKE guide, a curiosity is ignited, but a drop of fear quickly follows it. Yet, I refuse to let fear keep me from pursuing my dreams.

Instead, I see it as a gift of love, a reminder that I am saying yes to my life desires.

Despite Subby’s attempts to discourage me, I know that I am here to live my DMP and press release experiences every day.

This realization fills me with hope and motivates me to celebrate my DMP life journey.

Meet Joanne Sapers

I'm Joanne Sapers.
My passion is understanding the Universe and seeing Love in, as, through, and around all beings and things, the seen and the unseen.

I love helping others celebrate the joy and the true desires vital to them in their heart.

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  • Hey Joanne, I look forward to having you become a guide. Your insights and love shine through in your life, and you’ll be a great asset to all of us.

  • Celebrating you Joanne and saying Yes! to your heart’s desires. You have given yourself permission to embrace your Hero’s Journey and with it all the love, abundance, and peace possible.

    Thrilled you are considering becoming a MKE guide. I can say from my experience it is a fulfilling way to share MKE with others and continue to deepen your own skills in self discovery. Cheering you on Joanne!!

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