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In the newspaper with obituaries there was only one with a photo and the marvelous tribute to her.” She shone a light brightly for 85 years, peacefully slipping away.

Other wonderful remarks of kindness and love – filled her life with with laughter, love and a smile that could light up a room.

A vibrant spirit nurtured in the halls…, leaves behind a legacy of love in her daughters, pride in her eyes was never brighter than, who brought sunshine to her days from, found comfort and laughter in the tight bond she shared.

They cherished her infectious humor and unwavering support, warmth of eternal love , a tear falls for her, who left her arms too soon, remember … for her dazzling smile, the echoes of her infectious laughter, and the fierce love she held for family and friends.

Even though the world seems a little dimmer without her light, the memories she leaves behind will continue to sparkle in our hearts forever.

I never dreamed that I would be so touched by an obituary as this one. I want to be remembered with a life like that! Don’t you? With the Master Key Experience we are on our way with “a life within” that will send that kind of love to everyone we touch!

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  • Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful obituary, Joan. I can see why it touched your heart because it touched mine too. I’m sure you’re already radiating love to everyone you meet because you are nature’s greatest miracle!

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