MKE Week 17HJ – Warrior Princess Handles Situation Differently

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The MKE progresses, I see myself handling situations differently then my old blueprint. I was told about something this week, that normally would have taken me for a mental spin for several days.

I was able to acknowledge the situation, feel all the pain and the “what if’s”, then put it into perspective, all within a couple of hours

My old blue print would have had me in a mental spin for days. I have so much more control of how I react to things. I am so thankful that I have learned what I have, and continue to change…..for the better!

Meet Juli Casco

I am a widowed mother of 3 amazing young adult children. I moved to Tyler, Texas a year ago to start a new chapter in my life. I am an entrepreneur, and have many dreams I am pursuing.

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  • Congratulations for recognizing that you are growing and applying the MKE principles in your life.

  • That is awesome Juli. Not dwelling on things is so good mentally and physically.

    Great job, glad to hear all the improvements that you are experiencing.

  • I like how what you’re learning from the MKE course has helped you handle a difficult situation in a more positive way! Great job Warrior Princess!

  • I love your post Juli!

    It’s amazing how liberating it feels to be an independent thinker!

    Before I ran into Mark J. I considered myself an independent thinker, but just like the masses I lived by the clock instead of the compass and I had no DMP.

    Thank you for letting your radiant light shine today Juli!

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