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At the beginning of the MKE Course, we went over the symbology of keeping a compass with us as a reminder to keep our true north in focus at all times. I went online and discovered that I could purchase a pack of toy compasses rather inexpensively, and I thought it was a wonderful idea.

These compasses come in a variety pack of colors, red, pink, black, white, bright green, olive green, light blue, dark blue, and purple. Each has a short lanyard loop so that they can be fastened to just about anything. I Keep one attached to my belt loop, and keep a selection of others in my pocket.

In various conversations, the topics of losing direction, wants, needs, purpose, etc. come up, and I am moved to show my compass, and explain why that I have it with me all of the time. The response has been great, especially when I offer to give them their own compass.

This past Monday, I went with my wife to a doctor’s appointment in a nearby town, and took the bus. I must explain that we now live in Ecuador, and public transportation is a big thing. Many times, the busses are loaded to the max, and the return bus was standing room only when we got on. The ride is about a half hour long, and it goes over the mountains, and has many sharp turns. After a short while, a woman sitting with her son about 6 years old, had her son to sit on her lap, so my wife could sit, which my wife greatly appreciated.

After a few minutes, another woman, much older, with a young girl about 3 years old, sitting across the aisle, moved the girl to her lap, and offered me a seat. My Spanish is not great, and these women did not know much English, but the communication was there. As it became apparent later, this was one family with Grand-mother, Daughter, and 2 children.

The young girl in her Grand-mother’s lap seemed enthralled with me. She was probably wondering who this strange looking gringo was with the long silver hair, when probably 90% of the population has black hair. She was quite animated.

I felt moved by the kindness of these people, and thought about offering one of the compasses in my pocket to the young girl. I then realized that I had changed before leaving the house, and in my hurry, forgot to load the compasses to my pocket. Almost immediately, Emerson’s Law of Compensation came to mind. Give more, get more.

I grabbed my compass from my belt loop, and offered it to the girl. Her eyes lit up as she reached for it, held it up, and then looped the lanyard around her wrist. She beamed as she displayed the compass to her Grand-mother. She then reached out and hugged me around my neck.

My compass had made a friend. So many thoughts and emotions going on in my head. Two generous acts of kindness, and the Law of giving and receiving in effect. I think that I received more than I gave.

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I’ve always loved the outdoors and exploring. Growing up in Florida, I earned a degree in forestry from the University of Florida, and worked in that profession for 15 years. Subsequent forays in sales and customer service drew me into a desire to help others. My wife, Millie and I have been married for 21 years, and spent several years living in western North Carolina, and upstate New York. A brief visit to South America inspired us to move to Ecuador, where we have been living in a completely different environment for the last year and a half.
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