MKE Week 17 – Fearful Victims to Fearless Victors

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I love when Mark gets EXCITED and ENTHOOOSIASTIC! This week was a 2 parter. Because of the Franklin Makeover that we started last week, this week we were assigned an attribute that was to be our Focus for the week.

MKE created a space for us to list “Acts of Kindness”, comment and like them as well. Our set goal was 2000 but that was surpassed in 2-3 days now, its just for bragging rights but still pretty cool. How cool is it to just look for acts of kindness?

As I often like to say, It Doesn’t Suck!

The other part of this week was similar to what we experienced in, I believe it was week 9 when we made the 4 colored shapes with smart goals on them and started taking away either the date or the goal in order to “trick” subby into filling it in, further cementing our Goals!

A Couple weeks back Mark had us making flash cards listing our accomplishments that we were proud of from our past, along with some gratitudes and our 1-sentence DMP AND we also have these same smart goals which we are now to include in the flash cards.

We are to flash thru the 2 piles multiple times daily but specifically, this week, he asked that we start and end each session of flash cards With our 1-sentence DMP to further cement the desire into subby!

While I anxiously await the results of my labor, I must confess. I work 6 days per week for a monument shop. I am lucky if I see or hear from 5 people a WEEK!

So, it’s a pretty lonely job but I am grateful for it because I am literally getting paid to work on Myself and MY business and Must admit, I am pretty HAPPY lately!

I Always Keep My Promises! – Todd Armstrong

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  • It Sure Doesn’t Suck! to just look for acts of kindness?

    You getting paid to work on Yourself and Your business and you are pretty HAPPY lately. So awesome Todd

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