MKE Week 17 – Be Magnetic to the Secrets of Heaven & Earth

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5 Reflections from Week 17 in the Master Key Experience:
Bonus: New (to me) Word

1. Be Magnetic to the Secrets of Heaven & Earth – “Concentration is much misunderstood; there seems to be an idea of effort or activity associated with it, when just the contrary is necessary.

The greatness of an actor lies in the fact that he forgets himself in the portrayal of his character, becoming so identified with it, that the audience is swayed by the realism of the performance.

This will give you a good idea of true concentration; you should be so interested in your thought, so engrossed in your subject, as to be conscious of nothing else.” MKE 17:6 What this concentration leads to is the magnetic journey to the secrets of Heaven and Earth. More of this, please.

2. Could drifting be fear? Drifting often happens in these later weeks of MKE and keeps you from your source of power. Truly see your Chores as SERVICE. The CEMENT has a comfort – our thoughts are creative – they have created everything we are up to this point.

Stay focused. This CARRIES BIG RESPONSIBILITY – We are WORTHY of this source of power. Go to the future you – WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? RECOMMIT to this desire EVERY DAY.

3. We grew the flower together – Our Kindness Blog was an OVERWHELMING Success with over 5000 stories and comments of Kindnesses all round the World. We truly created an authentic Mastermind Alliance of harmony and focus.

Continue to PLAY – make looking for the virtues you aspire to a GAME.

4. Shout praise from the roof tops – Compliment others – Imagine hearing compliments – like Emerson – give more get more. Have conversations without agendas. Stay Fascinated – Surrounded by miracles – Our makeover is bigger than we can think.

5. “Everything That Can Be Invented Already Has been” – That is a huge misquote. What Charles Duell [Commissioner Of Patents 1898-1901] REALLY SAID: ”In my opinion, all previous advances in the various lines of invention will appear totally insignificant when compared with those which the present century will witness.

I almost wish that I might live my life over again to see the wonders at the threshold.” My goodness. This adds to the magick of living a life dwelling in possibilities.

6. BONUS REFLECTION – Mic drop moment from MarkJ in the final minutes of this past Sunday’s MKE Workshop: Why did you decide to do MKE? The HOPE of a different outcome – Looking for direction – A TRUTH for SELF. Look back to last July/August – Why did you enroll?

You were inspired to do the work…by yourself BEFORE YOU GOT HERE. YOU found this course. We didn’t find you. NOW we are making sense. We’re just WARMING UP! How exciting.


wrested – v – Meaning “to take by force” (in reference to power, authority, etc.) is attested from early 15c

Blessings on your magnetic journey to the Secrets of Heaven and Earth, Awesome One.

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