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I was enjoying my belly button birthday dinner yesterday with my wife and youngest daughter. Toward the end of dinner This recent MSW Social Worker trained as an observer began to pose several open-ended questions. Of course, this is the kind of detail that a proud parent might include in showing that the neighbors didn’t raise her, and that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

Anyway, her questions, which I will get to in a minute caused me to think about the current reading of OG and how I am indeed nature’s greatest miracle. Also, how the miracle of my birth was not the end of the miracles in my life, and I have and am extending the miracles of my life to both my present and future selves. I have experienced many little miracles in my life. That is part of the answer to the first question which was what number life are you on now?

I look at my lives in four distinct periods pre recovery, recovery, disease and transplants and post-transplant. So, when I said four that’s how I see it until I started thinking about last week’s dive into periodicity and the law of sevens. As I tried to put it into the context of periodicity it kind of works yet when I begin to apply the law of sevens It gets tricky and further exploration was done.

The second question was how do you feel about this last year and where you are? I said that in my little over seven decades in human form I find connections and linkages that cut across these various life periods and the unfoldment that has occurred from the great memory desire and actions of the sacred intuitive mind as Einstein called it, brings me to this unified place of clarity and purpose and I went on to discuss my DMP.

There was more to the conversation, this tells the basics. This dinner was great and most definitely is on my memory card.

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  • Hi Michael, It’s good to hear you are in this place of clarity and purpose in your life. Enjoyed your post

  • Sounds like a grand belly-button celebration…Nature’s Greatest Miracle indeed! Happiest.

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