MKE Week 17 – Better days are ahead

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Salutations everyone! This week’s blog is simply a check in. I barely know what day of the week it is. I am keeping my head above water and persisting with all things MKE.

I will soon be crawling back into bed to allow my white blood cells to do their thing and heal me physically. Mentally and emotionally, I am wrestling with some things and have to remember to stop and just breathe.

A lot of dual-thought and Substitution work going on when I am conscious. I am physically exhausted and frustrated mentally and physically.

A frustrated red—I have had better weeks. I know fellow reds out there are picking up what I’m throwing down. What I have found interesting is that thanks to knowledge gained through MKE, I have some insight into myself and can apply new knowledge and skills to keep things at bay.

There is comfort in understanding and knowing better days are ahead. I give myself grace. I give myself permission to have a bad week. And I give myself permission to crawl back in bed to rest and recuperate.

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