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It’s been a good week. I did a bit of organized planning to avoid overwhelming myself. I’m learning the importance of having patience. There is so much to do. So many “steps” to accomplish my goals.

Sometimes I’m working on a task and a bright and shiny object will appear. In the blink of any eye, my thoughts can convince me I’m working on the wrong task. Now I have to decide if I made the correct decision the first time or if I need to change direction.

When I know I’ve selected the correct task, I have to put boundaries around my decision. I have to literally get tunnel vision (concentration) to stick with the plan. Not sticking to the plan is why I have a zillion unfinished projects.

Sometimes I do need to pivot and change directions. Sometimes I’m being lured away by an opportunity that can wait until later. I’m learning to use wisdom.

Making a decision and sticking to that decision requires confidence in the decision. If I’m clear that I’ve made the correct decision, I only need to focus on having the patience to complete the work.

I must admit that some of my “work” seems trivial when compared to the grand scheme of things. I have to make sure the work I’m doing is actually bringing me closer to my goal and not an excuse to procrastinate.

Learning to get out of my own way is challenging. But I’m worth it. I think the key is having confidence in your decisions. Then you need the courage and patience to see it through.

Focus until finished…

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  • Hi Ava, We can all see the value of getting out of our own way. Thank you for pointing that out, especially for me.

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