MKE Week 17 – Focus on Makeover

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These last few weeks of focusing on the Franklin Makeover have been challenging and fun at the same time. I concentrate on 1 virtue and have been noticing them all.

OK, that was confusing.  I have let that run and accepted it. I see the exercise as changing my attitude towards things as an acceptable method of moving forward in my life.

When reading the Greatest Miracle 3 times a day I realized that this Makeover allows me to see that I’m surrounded by Miracles everywhere I go.

I am looking forward to the hero’s journey that is coming. I understand this is such a great jump in accepting my journey. A few years ago this was such a great memory in my life.

I always keep my promises Robert G Rea

Meet Robert Rea

I’m 71 now and making a better life for me and my family. My wonderful wife Raphaela and I live in Virginia. My children live all over the USA. Peace and Blessings to all.

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