MKE Week 17 – Hey Genie! I Give You Permission…

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Genie: Hey wait…I am the Genie.

“Not sorry buddy, we are the genie. I have your back and you have mine.

Genie, I give you permission to be an amazing observer.”

Genie: You mean the way we got the “moving the goal post thing” when you were reading Standing Tall (pg 28) last night?

“It was quite an aha moment for me. I have been chasing goal posts all of my life thinking I was in control somehow. And I wondered why I wasn’t fulfilled.

Genie, I give you permission to live by the compass and not by the clock.”

Genie: That had been a tough one for us as we did not know how to relate. Raised with a productive mind set made it difficult to sit still and then when we did…ahhhhh…we received this message.

“I LOVE this idea of you and me working together. Thank you for being my Mastermind partner.”

Genie: It has been my pleasure all along. Thank you for giving yourself permission to see.

“Genie, you have permission to follow all of the natural laws.”

Genie: Haanel reminded us last evening as we were reading and you jumped for joy reading sentences 12 and 13, something about attempting to fly and then crashing.

…attribute your weakness to physical limitations or mental uncertainties and try again; ease and perfection are gained by repetition.

“Then again in sentence 16 where it is explained it is in our nature to appreciate “the value of higher things.” Cast out the old idea of greed as we may create any or all of it! This is so exciting, like that extraordinary house I built. I had never seen anything like it!

Genie, you have permission to grow into the “Highest mountain of all!” Mandino stated,

I was conceived in love and brought forth for a purpose. I the past I had not considered
this fact but it henceforth shapes and guides my life. (The Greatest Salesman, pg 72)

Genie: This reminds me of the Kindness Mastermind. All those kindnesses went unnoticed until we were looking for them.

“That was a blast, although I was hesitant at first. When you offer a stranger a hug and they tell you that you made their day or they really needed one. An extra set of eyes and the joining of hearts. It is an incredible thing.

I tell you, we have to be close to The Hundredth Monkey Rule tipping point and then things will really never be the same. It brings me to tears that we can do this NOW!

Genie, I am truly looking forward to building the life of dreams, touching many lives with our kind and loving team. We live a life of passion, because our time has come.

Radiance be the journey.

Meet Roxie Fransway-Greening

You may call me a proud mother or Mimi, an extraordinary gold and silver distributor, a really joyful nature buff, or a lover of humanity. All are true. Radiance be the journey.
Thank you! Roxie

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  • Two thumbs up to you Genie Roxie!!! And congrats on being the featured blog!!! Loved meeting you on the cruise…I’ll see ya in Vegas!!!

  • Wow that was truly eloquent! Great blog! You really captured it all . Congratulations!

  • Wow, Roxie! I love the perspective you put in your blog. The conversation with our ginie, outstanding!
    Thank you!

  • This is the kind of blog that lights up my life, yes Roxie you light up my life this week mahalo – go go go take that permission and fly!

  • Rub the lamp and the Genie will grant your wishes! The lamp of thought that is. Have fun asking for your wishes! Enjoyed your blog Roxie, Thank you.

  • Roxie…it has been amazing getting to know you these past months. Live and through your blog…you are a lovely example of Emile Coué’s amazing affirmation, “Everyday in every way I’m getting better and better.”

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