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Accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference – The Serenity Prayer – Reinhold Niebuhr.

It was my mother’s birthday on the 17th and the words within the serenity prayer remind me I can give myself permission to change the things I can – don’t hold back because I have the courage.

I do not know why many of the things my mum wanted when she was alive, I am experiencing, witnessing and or reaping the benefit even today.

Mum wanted soil to put in her garden so she would be able to plant her vegetables. I was the benefactor of some soil today and I will plant some vegetables. Mum wanted decorating done and my ‘do it now’ mindset has fired me up to get it done.

There are other things mum wanted and they are happening. Now I do not know why I am fighting the things mum wanted, or places to go as I agreed with mum.

But just in case I did not pick up on the fact that mum’s thoughts were coming to life (even though she is not alive to enjoy/experience it), things are happening for me also.

One of my personal pivotal needs is ‘Helping Others’ and this week I was involved in delivering three classes to young people at risk.

I have had IT issues, panic averted as I was granted a favourable workaround, I was running late, (in my head and diary I had a different day and time for day one workshop). I was able to share the workbook and make my way to class as I was offered, a lift and the driver was prepared to wait while I changed.

My Franklin Makeover word for this week is ‘pleasing personality’. Delivering the three courses pushed my excited buttons and I connected with some of the students pleasing personality to break the ice and engage because at times over the three days I felt how can I reach them.

I gave myself permission to step back to allow some of the students to engage more.

I give myself permission to accept my thoughts are things and my mind is working 24/7 to bring my thoughts to life. I celebrate walking out of my house, seeing the bread van so I do not have to go to the bakery.

I celebrate when someone cooks me breakfast, buys me lunch and drives me to my destination. I also celebrate my Polo tribe and all the inexplicable things mum wanted that I am benefiting from.

Sandra I love you.

Meet Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith is a best-selling author, writer, motivational speaker, career, personal life and Dreamlife coach and a qualified mediator with over 20 years’ experience in the Public Sector in UK.

She is currently enjoying a new rhythm, and the Master Key Experience is part of her journey. She has the pleasure of living part of the year in Jamaica.

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  • Way to give yourself permission! So awesome to see things (both you and your mum desired) coming to fruition!

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