MKE Week 17 – I Promise

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Things had just begun to start wiring and firing together; my dreams were becoming so vivid and colorful and full of life. The Sit was powerful too.

Then the December came. I had no plans to do anything spectacular or even travel. My schedule was clear. There was no reason not to continue on my path the MKE (Master Key Experience) had helped to find. So what happened?

A missed read here, a delayed Sit there and here you go, 2 ½ weeks of not truly loving myself. The good thing about all of this is… I am aware of the difference in the feeling that I have when I am not doing the things I promised to do for myself.

Therefore, I have decided that I am still worth the effort, the time, the energy and enthusiasm required to create the life I already told my spirit I desire.

So long as there is breath in me I persist until I succeed. (Og Mandino, Scroll III, The Greatest Salesman in the World). I promise to consciously love me. I always keep my promises.

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  • I can so relate to this. And it’s true, when you come back it feels better. We’ve certainly made some changes in our lives that will last forever.

  • So happy for you that you chose to get back to your good habits! Looking forward to seeing your journey moving forward! Proud of your honesty.

  • I sure can identify with your blog Robin. Thanks for sharing an for your honesty. So happy to read that you have decided that I am still worth the effort, the time, the energy and enthusiasm required to create the life I already told my spirit I desire. ❤️🌸

  • Sometimes it seems like it takes a lifetime to finally know what makes the difference, and Robin you have! It doesn’t matter how many things you start if you never see them through to completion. Maybe that’s the reason why so many people are living miserable, frustrated, discouraged lives –because they have yet to finally finish some things they’ve promised themselves they’d do.

  • YOU are priceless and Yesss… worth it all to create the life you desire! Thank you for your vulnerability and reminder to persevere. I am cheering you forward.

  • Thank you for your honesty, Robin. As I can already read, many of us relate. Your courage moves me and I thank you for that as well.

  • Yes,
    I can relate to this. It starts with a small slip. Then 2 weeks go by. I figured for me it was deep rooted bad programs running in subby

  • You better believe you’re still worth the effort. Way to step it up and share your incredible insights, Robin.

  • Robin, your transparency and self-awareness are truly commendable. Life’s twists may have interrupted your MKE journey briefly, but your commitment to self-love and persistence shines through. Your declaration to continue investing effort, time, and enthusiasm in creating the life you desire is powerful. As you embrace Og Mandino’s wisdom, your resilience is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your journey—it resonates with authenticity and motivates others to persist in their pursuit of success and self-love. Keep shining, Robin!

  • Hi Robin,
    Hey there! It’s fantastic that you’re recognizing the importance of self-love and persistence. Remember, every step forward is a step towards success. Keep that enthusiasm high and those promises to yourself sacred. You’ve got this!

  • Wow, Robin, I can say I have gone through some similar moments, but at the end, I can never go back to the old blueprint.
    Thanks for sharing; it really hit home with me.

  • I believe that most of us can identify with this blog I certainly can. Why on God’s green earth would I stop the very things that are making my life so great lol! Its ain’t easy being human LOL Mahalo for the great reminder that I do deserve FIRST CLASS!

  • Outstanding Robin!
    I am so grateful for the nudge (text) to get back in this page, (it’s been months 😳). NOW is all there is and I was made FIRST CLASS by FIRST CLASS. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. I Can do better too, because I’m also WORTH IT. Someone else may be inspired as you have inspired me. And helping people is a PPN.

  • I can relate to you, it happened to me in the past. The beauty is that you choose yourself!

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