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How often have we had to concentrate on something? I do it all the time. However, the concentration that we are familiar with is not what Haanel talks about this in Part Seventeen of his Master Key System. He tells us about “continuous concentration.”

He explains it as an even, unbroken flow of thought that is the result of patient, persistent, persevering and part of a well-regulated system. Once we define what it is we want to think about and concentrate on that we should become so identified with that object of your thought that you are conscious of nothing else.

Being part of he Master Key Experience has taught us all, over the last 17 weeks that this is not only possible, but that it doesn’t work any other way. We all must be persistent with our daily exercises, just like the body builder at the gym who is training for competition. Even though the bodybuilder’s weights are made of iron and our weights, for the most part, are made of paper, paper that contains our thoughts, needs and desires, we need to utilize them the same way.

Og Mandino tells us that we are “Nature’s Greatest Miracle.” Yes! Each and every one of us! That is a hard concept for many. It took me a few times of reading his passage in The Scroll Marked IV of the Greatest Salesman in the World to get it. But I get it now.

There is no one past, present or future that will ever be exactly just like me! Some people would say good riddance to that! When you come to the realization that you are perfect, just as you are, it removes much of the negativity that many carry with them through life. It gives you a new outlook and allows you to be able to move forward and to get the things in life that you want, all through giving. Because you cannot get in return what you don’t give.

I am Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

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  • Hi Michael,
    Absolutely, you are Nature’s Greatest Miracle! Embrace that uniqueness and let it fuel your drive. Keep giving value and watch how life gives back to you. Keep shining!

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