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How fortunate we are…Mark and Davene (and crew) have led us directly to the secrets of success. They have taken us right to the brink. All we have to do is jump in…all in.

As you are reading Part 17, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Yes, I know this”…” Yes, I did this,”…” Yes, I remember this.” We did it just as described, but we did it unconsciously. How great to know we can do it on purpose any time we want to.

Haanel says, “Desire is largely subconscious.”

What happens when we go to the silence and combine desire and concentration? Just like you successfully did just that, but did it instinctually.

Those successes you created can now be done on purpose, and continuously with a well-thought-out plan.

How, exactly, did it happen before? Were you on a long walk, silently cruising through the neighborhood? Were you on a long run by yourself? Or maybe mowing the lawn?

I remember coming up with my best ideas doing just those things. But, it was before headphones, CD players, or any of those things that distract us and kill our concentration. Haanel puts it this way, “Desire added to concentration will wrench any secret from nature.” And he adds to that with this: “Your degree of success is determined by the nature of your desire.”

We all have experienced this in our lives, right? We know what to do, right? Well, all we have to do is just think NIKE (just do it !)

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  • I liked the idea of coming up with good ideas while doing things – then backing it up with concentration. The Nike close was a clever thought.

  • Excellent blog Hal! Well said we’re at the doorstep of success we just need to open the door.

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