MKE Week 17 – Not So Fast Skippy

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Moving right along day by day, week by week, and month by month to a rhythm of reading, sitting, thinking, repeating, affirming, writing, flashing, exercising, listening, master-minding, observing, and I’m probably missing a few things, has been life changing.

Every week there is a new twist added that continues to make this experience better and better. Last week when we focused on not only showing kindness but finding it, made everything else seem like child’s play. This week the attribute I’m focused on is courage, and not only am I finding courage everywhere, I am finding kindness right along with it simultaneously; it is fantastic!

With all that being said, after watching the week 17 webinar, I realized, I hadn’t changed-up-my combinations and permutations of the exercises for over two weeks, and some of the habits had started to get a little bland, but I caught it, and told old blueprint, “Not so fast skippy”, and I spiced it up again.

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  • Isn’t it amazing how finding these Franklin Makeover attributes works? Terrific job being the observer catching the old blueprint being sneaky!

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