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The more and more we dive into the Master Keys, the more and more the nerd in me feels like a Padawan.

Learning how to control the force. From concentrating on bringing the object of our desire to us, to using our vibrations to influence those around us. Without knowing for sure, I bet George Lucas learned about the Master Keys. We know he learned and mentored with Joseph Campbell, but I bet he also dabbled with the Master Keys too.

The similarities to the stories of Star Wars and the Master Keys is uncanny. If you entertain dark thoughts as a Jedi, you will most likely turn to the Dark Side as darkness breeds more darkness but if you keep your thoughts positive and light, you will live the life of servitude that a Jedi lives and help people.

Everyone is given a choice. Most of us are taught to live on the light side but so many things just get in the way. So much of culture and negativity exists and it is easy to get sucked up into it all.

While I am not a Jedi yet (still of course a Padawan) I am on my way to learning to live with the force. I have noticed that I am more trusting of the thoughts that come into my head. If I see something and think, hey I should do something about that or say something to someone, in the past I wouldn’t and then beat myself up after about how I missed the opportunity to help.

Now I trust those thoughts and do or say what comes in. I of course first just think if it will be a positive thing for all involved and if I say yes, I go instead of having that hesitation or fear stir up.

I find myself more confident and standing tall with my head up while I walk around in life. I find it easier to handle situations, not get as upset with things and truly learning to control my thoughts which is magical to say the least.

I walked into this program thinking that by the time that I am done, I will be able to be as successful as I want in my Network Marketing business, and it will just all come to me.

I have learned while yes this is a true thought statement, it is not just going to be dropped at my feet and I do still need to do the work. I have the confidence, the knowledge, training, and the courage to get out there and Do It Now!

I am the greatest Jedi (salesman) in my life!

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I'm Amy Shirtcliff. I am married to my best friend, a mom of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 dog and 2 cats. I am from CT, born and raised. I love all things creative (crochet, sewing, baking, gardening to name a few, and I am a pretty big nerd (love Comic Cons, LOTR, Marvel, Star Wars). Would love to connect about similarities and interests.

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  • I did find that information about Lucas interesting…I too wonder if he was a Master Key student…

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