MKE Week 17 – Permission, Power, and Concentration

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After “rockin’ it” last week in the Franklin Makeover as everyone in the class was focused on finding the same virtue of kindness, we learned the true power of a mastermind group. Having everyone focused on the same thing, and supporting one another by sharing their experiences through a common blog site meant that the 2023 Master Key Experience members collectively tallied over 5,000 acts of kindness.

These individual acts of kindness, both here and abroad, were either performed or observed and recorded signifying a powerful movement to make the world a kinder place.

This week, week 17, had us back to focusing on the next entry on our own personal list of the 13 virtues we are seeking to develop in ourselves. Mine for this week is decisiveness, which is something I’ve struggled with, and seems to be harder to spot than kindness.

We are also focusing on permission – specifically giving ourselves permission to be powerful and happy. One of the ways that we can access power, according to the Haanel lesson this week, is through the power of thought intensified by concentration.

Many people have the wrong idea that it takes great effort to concentrate on a problem or situation that you’re seeking a solution for. But it’s the exact opposite. One must be totally relaxed, as that is the method that can charge the subconscious mind to go out and find the resources it needs to bring about the desired effect.

Total concentration leads to insight for attainment of the goal. Momentary enthusiasm does not cut it. A strong desire, which is the driving factor, boosted by total concentration produces results faster than using the faculties of reason, and can sometimes bring intuition into the picture.

We were also warned not to pursue symbols of power, but rather ignore the symbols, to be cognizant of the true source of power itself.

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