MKE Week 17 – Problems, Discouragements, and Heartaches are Great Opportunities

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This week has been one of those glorious weeks where the planets delightfully align and the world spins in greased grooves. Early in the week, my daughter & I were discussing, (trying very hard to not argue,) about the state of our budget.

It came to me that we indeed did have enough money to meet our needs over the course of the last month but had chosen to buy meaningful things instead of paying some bills.

Once we realized we chose to accept the consequences and that the things we had chosen to buy were indeed worth the struggle, the tension vanished, we made a plan to handle our finances and for the very first time, we realized what the source of our financial struggles were.

We make these choices and then promptly forget that we chose the struggle.

Today all the blocks to my backlogged commissions disappeared. It looks like we will not only pay all the bills but have some surplus left over. Lesson learned and universe says I told you so yet again . . .

The big-ticket item we purchased? I received a random email from the Detroit Lions on my birthday that said they still had playoff tickets available at face value for purchase. We bought them for just a little over what the season ticket holders paid.

The first playoff game at Ford Field – and we won a playoff game for the first time in over 30 years. The experience was electric and one both of us will remember for the rest of our lives.

Was it expensive? Yes. Was it more expensive than a vacation? No. & it was a golden experience. Was some financial struggle for a few days worth it. For me & Kati, absolutely yes.

Choice have consequences – if the consequences are worth it, go for it. Lesson learned – thank you, Universe.

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  • Hi Dana, Thank you for your share. The time spent with each other was well worth the cost. Once again the universe asks us to stretch the finances and rewards us with a blessing.

  • Yes, it’s all about the choices we make. And when you make those choices and decisions consciously – great things can happen!

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