MKE Week 17 – Seeds of Knowledge

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Seeds of knowledge.  Our minds all ready have a garden waiting to be cultivated. We too can foster the growth of wisdom with in ourselves, I imagine these seeds as the thoughts and ideas that have the power to transform our lives. They hold the potential to shape our perspectives fuel our ambitions and ultimately lead us towards happiness.

The Master Key Experience (MKE) teaches it begins with recognizing the ability to control our thoughts using the 7 laws of the mind. Steering our minds requires conscious effort and direction It involves being mindful of the thoughts that take root and deliberately choosing those that contribute positively to our well being.

Giving ourselves permission to access and we use our power often we underestimate our capabilities and potential. MKE teaches that We must nourish our minds with knowledge.

So the journey to happiness starts with cultivating the seeds of knowledge with in our minds, to control our thoughts grant ourselves permission to access our power and watch as the garden of our minds flourishes.

What we plant in our minds grows, Embracing the continuous process of growth we will find that true happiness is not just a destination but a way of life.

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