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I will be the first one to admit I haven’t done this course perfectly. I forget sometimes to blog. Other days I forget a read, or service. Luckily, one thing I have plenty of is faith. A few years back my life was bleak and hopeless.

And through a sprinkle of faith and a lot of meetings I was gifted sobriety. That faith that I built then is what has been guiding me now. Same theory but sober now, life was becoming bleak, depressing, and overwhelming. A good friend (Miss DJ) invited me to join her on this journey and I am forever grateful.

What does this all have to do with Tennessee you ask? I am gonna get to that right now.

In my DMP that I read daily, one of my main visions is to live in the Smoky mountains. My present home is in Pennsylvania and is in need of quite a bit of work in order to sell it. Any time I would think of it from that angle, I would get depressed and overwhelmed thinking it’d never happen.

I trusted. I had faith. And then when I least expected it, miracles started to happen. Through a random string of events that I couldn’t possibly have planned if I tried, I am working with a cash buyer on my home. I am blown away at this!!!

I actually just got a huge boost in faith and hope by typing this. And oh yeah….. some enthuuuuuuusiasm about packing. Thank you Mark, Dav, and the team for all you do!
Tennessee here I come!

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  • What a great post! Congratulations on your Faith, sobriety and getting a cash buyer! See you in the Smokey Mountains!

  • First I’d like to congratulate you on your sobriety. (I did hear you on the call the other night). That in itself is an amazing issue to conquer. And you did it!!! After that you probably felt you can do anything…and you can.
    Then you take this class and even though you forget or can’t fit everything in every day, that is OK. We all do that. With what you have gone through in becoming sober and now getting involved in MKE, you just brought the law of attraction right to you and BAM!!! Your house is sold!!!
    My parents are from PA, I was born there. We moved around a lot because of my father’s business. My kids were born and raised in Florida but our girls now live in Nashville, TN.
    I’m very familiar with PA and TN. I think you will love TN.
    Best of luck with the move!!!

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