MKE Week 17 – The Frequency of KINDNESS coupled with A Positive Mental Attitude is MAGIC!

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Normally I’ve been doing my Blog based on the Master Key Experience lesson of that week, currently we’re on #17. However just from some amazing and truly magical gifts from the Universe today, based on the frequency of KINDNESS…That will be our topic of discussion.

My Master Key partner was departing the Bahamas to head back to the US and due to having a photo of her Green Card, which is current, but not the actual hard copy on her, they didn’t allow her to board her international flight back to the US, along with her hubby & son, after a much needed, long over due, short holiday.

I was on my daily routine when the call came in. She said “I know you’d be the right person to call, help!” So the world shifted and she and I went to work. I TRULY believe how things unfolded from this point, was no doubt based on the frequency that she and I created from our focus (with all of you), on KINDNESS this past week. I some how got just the right person at Customs, who made it her mission (and I don’t state this lightly), to help my friend. Within a matter of 2 hours she was approved for a temporary Visa, and I’ll save all the other details.

This agent literally called us back several times, answered ALL our questions and some! She was unquestionably a Guardian Angel. She was so happy to help us and even said she felt the outcome would be positive and for us to keep postive. She said that normally, no one is very helpful, but she wanted to make sure we were taken care of.

And the 2nd element here is the first of the 13 Riches, “A Positive Mental Attitude”, which I continue to put myself in check for this, as I did today during my mission to help my friend to get through this.

As I write this Blog, she is still stuck outside of the country, but everything is for a reason, which we will clearly see, as long as we keep focused on – Kindness, Being of service to others, and Keeping a Positive Mental Attitude. We are guaranteed to not only WIN, but have amazing, magical, loving, harmonious experiences and see our dreams come true!

The Customs agent wants to meet and have lunch with us, and said she feels she’s met new friends! Wow, who woulda-thunk-it!? WoooHooo! MAGIC!!

I always keep my promises,

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  • That does sound magical indeed!

    I love your post!

    Thank you so much for making our world kinder!

  • That is truly amazing! What an incredible experience. When you apply your gifts and give without expectation of reciprocity and concentrate your focus with desire amazing things happen! That custom agent sounds wonderful!

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