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This has been a fun week/month of Kindness. Since Thanksgiving I have been making organic sourdough bread. Some I make are with roasted garlic, fresh rosemary, sage, and thyme. Others have been with cheddar cheese and jalapeño, and my latest one has been pumpkin and chocolate chips.

Last night I made two kinds of bagels, everything bagels and asiago cheese bagels. And the funny part of it all is I don’t eat bread!!! But it has been so much fun to make and to see people’s reactions when I give them a loaf of bread.

Over the holidays I gave bread to my mom, my sisters, my brother, my nieces, my neighbors, my friends, my hairstylist, and my doctors. Instead of making Christmas cookies to give out to everyone I gave them bread this year. It is so amazing to see the reaction on people’s faces when you hand them bread. They are so appreciative…or maybe they were tired of the same Anisette Italian Christmas cookies I make every year, LOL, I don’t know.

The biggest reaction I got was from my friend who is our farm coop leader. I belong to a farm coop for about 20 years now. Yes, the same farm coop (from Pennsylvania) you are probably seeing in the news right now where the government is trying to shut him down. It’s so heartbreaking seeing what our farmers are going through to try to get healthy food to the people. But don’t get me started…that is a story for another time.

The truck drives down to Florida from Pennsylvania, drops the food off at a place that has coolers about an hour away from Orlando where it keeps the food cold until we can get there to pick it up. My son and I drive out there unload the pallet, we place the boxes in piles according to the which city they are going to.

My son and I load up our suburban with all the farm foods that go to Orlando. When we get to our drop location, we unload the car and place the boxes down according to the person’s name to make easy access for the people in the coop to pick up their orders. All these people eat grass-fed meat, K2 raw dairy, fertilized eggs, fermented foods, Milk kefir, different water kefirs, kombucha teas, Kvas, whole grain breads, crispy nuts, etc. etc.

Keeping in mind they also make their own breads, bone broth and fermented foods. I gave one of my sourdough breads to our coop leader in a nice bag with a bow on top. My son and I could not believe her reaction.

She was so excited and could not believe I made a bread for her. She thanked me over and over again and said that was the best Christmas present any one can give her. Then she preceded to tell me she needs to feed her starter at home. My reaction was, WHAT??? She makes her own bread anyway!!! I knew she use to but I wasn’t sure if she still did. Even with her making her own bread, she couldn’t stop thanking me for the one I gave her. And then she text me a few days ago, thanking me again.

I was not expecting a reaction like that for giving someone a loaf of bread and especially someone from my farm coop where they all are into making their own wholesome foods. This was the one that hit me the most this week with the feeling of kindness.

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  • Thanks Cheryl! It is the simple things in life that we cherish the most! Especially when something that you give was made with your own hands. It just seems a little more special!

  • Hi Cheryl, thank you so much for sharing your gifts of kindness. Keep on doing what you do.

  • Yea, I wasn’t too sure about the pumpkin and chocolate combination but my daughter made one and it was delicious. I didn’t want it to be sweet like a pastry and it really wasn’t.

  • What a loaf of bread can do. Great share Cheryl. Those combinations of yours sound very delicious.

  • Cheryl, When you made your bread, it made many people happy and thankful. Hearing this sweet story of kindness made me happy, too! Thank you for sharing.

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