MKE Week 16 – Begin Again

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Almost everyone hates to start over. When we forget to save a file, or we put a part in backwards, the backing up and starting over reminds us we are fallible. It’s annoying and borderline painful.

I used to write magazine articles as a side hustle when my daughter was young. Learning about the Shi**y First Draft and the inevitability of rewrites and editor feedback helped me understand the value of do-overs. What I noticed was when I did start over, for whatever reason, the second time was faster and better. We never really start over from scratch – we start from experience.

Sprinkled throughout the lessons this week, and in messages from other sources I’ve seen a persistent theme – our discouragements, obstacles, heartaches, struggles, and disappointments are opportunities in disguise.

My DMP has felt like a fine, well-tailored coat that doesn’t quite fit exactly right. I’ve come to realize this morning that I need to redo it. Start over. Create new SMART goals that support my new purpose. To say I’m resistant to that idea is an understatement. I even thought – I’ll just finish out the course with what I have – it’s good, maybe even great. We all know that’s not the right answer.

And so, I begin again. Wiser and happier. Ease and joy are in my immediate future.

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  • Wow that takes courage and insight to start over! Kudos for you for being invested enough on your journey to do what you know is right. Congratulations!

  • Ease and joy two beautiful combinations. Discouragements, obstacles, heartaches, struggles, and disappointments sure are opportunities in disguise. Great share Dana

  • Hi Dana, We all face discouragement and struggles, it’s reassuring that we can look at them now as opportunities. This was a good reminder to me at this time. Thanks for sharing

  • Dana, know that you are not alone in complete rewrites of DMP and SMART goals. We are metamorphosing!

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