MKE Week 16 – Challenges

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The last couple of weeks have been flowing along quite nicely, and I have been feeling pretty good about getting all of my exercises done and on time.

This past week though, has not flowed so smoothly and I have struggled with completing everything. Our country has declared a national emergency due to prison escapes, and violence, and has made a lot of people fearful.

Many stores and business have either shut their doors, or restricted access. Transportation was restricted, hospitals and banks also closed or had restricted access.

Adding to this was a situation where a family member was having urgent medical problems. So, our normal routine was upended, and I have been feeling a little un-nerved.

I am hanging in there. Next week will be better.

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I’ve always loved the outdoors and exploring. Growing up in Florida, I earned a degree in forestry from the University of Florida, and worked in that profession for 15 years. Subsequent forays in sales and customer service drew me into a desire to help others. My wife, Millie and I have been married for 21 years, and spent several years living in western North Carolina, and upstate New York. A brief visit to South America inspired us to move to Ecuador, where we have been living in a completely different environment for the last year and a half.
Still exploring…….

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