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In the introduction of Haanel’s The Master Key, Part Sixteen, the author speaks of the Septimal Law which is the basis for the various cycles of seven that are pervasive in our universe.

“Life is growth, and growth is change, each seven years period takes us into a new cycle.”

The Master Key System – Charles Haanel, Part 16

He goes on to describe the various characteristics of each of the cycles that we experience as humans. I found is interesting to see that I am in my second go round and am in fourth cycle which is characterized by the attainment of full growth. The previous cycle is focused on adolescence. It feels great to know that I am past that awkward stage and on my way to adulthood in my retirement. Who says there isn’t a fountain of youth!

I am in the cycle focused on reaching full growth, and since I am motivated in achieving my DMP, I am inspired by:

“If you wish to bring about the realization of any dream form a mental picture of success in your mind by consciously visualizing your desire. In this way you will be compelling success, you will be extending your life by scientific method.”

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel, Part 16, paragraph 32.

Staying in rhythm with my present cycle of life and using the scientific methods and tools presented in MKE I will succeed in extending my life and manifesting my dreams.

Meet Carmen Fuentes

I really love being of support to others especially women and children. I am so grateful that I was able to devote 30+ years in joyful service as a maternal/child nurse and Lactation Consultant.

I retired from that career two years ago, sold my condo, moved closer to my lovely daughter and family, and started my home based business. And so the next chapter of my life has begun. It’s going to be a doozy!

I have always been a spiritual seeker. On my self-development quest I have been exposed to the principles that govern our universe and to the wonders of the mind. Since starting MKE I am learning how to combine principle and the power of my subconscious mind to bring about real change in my life and so manifest my dreams. I feel AWESOME!

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  • Carmen, your insightful reflection on Haanel’s The Master Key resonates deeply with me. Your blog beautifully captures the essence of growth and change embedded in the septimal cycles of life. Your even-tempered and balanced perspective aligns seamlessly with the peaceful journey you’re embracing.

    Your mention of being in the cycle focused on reaching full growth is inspiring. Your commitment to your DMP and the application of scientific methods from MKE showcase your inventiveness and objective approach. I appreciate how you, as a good listener, have shared the wisdom of visualizing success to compel it into reality.

    The quote you highlighted, “If you wish to bring about the realization of any dream, form a mental picture of success in your mind,” beautifully encapsulates the power of manifestation. Your words exude patience and acceptance, reflecting a clear understanding of the path you’re on.

    Thank you for being a voice of reason and sharing your journey with such clarity. Your blog is a testament to the peace that comes from aligning oneself with the natural rhythms of life. Wishing you continued success and fulfillment on this remarkable journey!

  • Oh my goodness, Carmen. I am amazed how you recognize yourself in your second go round and am in fourth cycle. Per the ages and cycles, I am in infancy and I sure do feel that way! I think I may have had some arrested development because the 7th phase of reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation fits me too. :O

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