MKE Week 16 – Glorious Days Ahead

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Yes, Hola!

I am writing this week from our rental apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico! Actually, I knew this was coming . It was my Christmas gift from my family but I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, after that tummy bug reared its ugly head. We will be here for two glorious weeks, my two youngest daughters and spouses and I.

Due to jet lag and still not being fully recovered from my illness, I have yet to feel the sand beneath my feet or hear the waves break on the beach but I am enjoying the warmth and all the beautiful fauna around me – the pink bromeliad right outside our door, the colourful crotons from almost black to pale pinks and yellows around the small kidney-shaped pool in our enclosure and of course, the majestic palms swaying in the gentle breeze.

I brought my computer to try to keep up with the MKE (Master Key Experience class) and maybe even do a bit of catch up (my kids think I’m nuts but what else is new!!) Next endeavour will be to try to find somewhere to get the lessons printed out.

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  • Mexico, what a wonderful gift from your family. I could see the things you describe so thank you for taking me on a mental trip to Mexicoooo.

  • Marguerite, your descriptors are so lovely, I feel like I’m hanging out next door! Thank you for sharing your lovely vacation and wow, what a kindness that you got this as a gift!!

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