MKE Week 16 – Harmony and Happiness are Everywhere!

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It started with kindness. I had no idea how many kind acts I was committing as well as those around me. My son sent pictures of my 4 year old granddaughter learning to ice skate.

My friend making sure I am drinking enough water, my Mastermind partner checking in on me, me helping shovel, calling in to report a water leak at the laundromat, giving people hugs and having them say, “That made my day,” and “I needed that today,”

Helping a man with his groceries, holding doors open, sending words of encouragement to friends and family…and the list goes on. We are not fully aware just how naturally we are harmonious and happy. Haanel writes:

Whatever enters the mind through the senses
or the objective mind will impress the mind
and result in the mental image which will
become a pattern for creative energies…it is
by the exercise of this power that we can control
our own destiny, body, mind and soul.

The Master Key, Charles Haanel, 16:15

He said that we create a life by desire and leave behind the world of chance.

It is really happening. Not just at an individual level. I am excited to see us reach the pinnacle as described in The Hundredth Monkey Rule. We are there!

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You may call me a proud mother or Mimi, an extraordinary gold and silver distributor, a really joyful nature buff, or a lover of humanity. All are true. Radiance be the journey.
Thank you! Roxie

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  • Very well said amazing so many acts of kindness fly under the radar and go unnoticed. This kindness initiative has made me much more aware. Thanks for the great blog!

  • “…we create a life by desire and leave behind the world of chance.” Best line evahhhh! (at least for this moment :)). Beautiful, inspiring post, Roxie…

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