MKE Week 16 – Harmony

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This was a fitting topic for me this week as that was what I was all about regardless!

Some were still “fizzing” about the “new year” etc but to me it was just another day/night and this was just another week. My New Year’s Eve was when my “burnout” hit and I found it difficult to hold a conversation. The first morning of the new year, my phone was off, my laptop was put away and I focused on relaxing, meditating and being at peace . . . in harmony with myself and the present.

Our MKE team focus was kindness. Appropriate as I was all about that, but to myself to a change! So after doing that for a few days, I thought that perhaps it was safe for me to venture into speaking to the outside world again … kindness flowed in every direction and it felt better than it had in ages.

“Kind” is a word that people have often used when describing me (which is nice!) but I am not often to myself, and by putting myself in the picture only accentuated the flow-on (or at least, that is what I put it down to!).

Actually, this week I observed (in me and others) and felt, 3 of the 7 universal laws; relaxation, forgiveness and growth. This was in multiple ways. A week worth replicating for sure!

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  • Well done for recognising when to take time-out for yourself and bring harmony and equilibrium back. The reflections of your inner being have been noticeable through all of your blogs.
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  • I’d say you were kind to yourself when you turned off technology and quieted your mind. Good for you. I was in bed well before midnight, myself:)

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