MKE Week 16 – It’s a Gosh Darn Conspiracy!!!

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This was Kindness Week for those of us in The Master Key Experience. Last Sunday when I heard about what we were going to do this week, I thought, I already do that!

I was one of the very lucky ones growing up. I had two loving, caring parents who, I know, did without so that my two sisters and I could have what we had. They taught us kindness from an early age. So, it was always ingrained in me. However, when I took a step back and really observed the acts of kindness around me, this week, along with the few things that I had always done, I realized that there was much, much more to see and do.

And what else I saw was that this “kindness” thing was not only contagious but it was a gosh darn conspiracy! I decided to go with it and create a “Conspiracy of Kindness” by being in the flow of giving and receiving without expecting something in return. A smile, a flower, a compliment,

One of the best for me this week was giving a friend a big bear hug (I am known for this) after noticing from across the room at a meeting that she was not herself. At the end of the meeting, I immediately when to her and asked if I could give her a hug. She held on for dear life and wouldn’t let go. She thanked me afterwards and said that she felt better. Such a simple thing that didn’t cost me a penny. It’s really simple when you think about it!

Another thing that I noticed is that sometimes, when you gave someone a compliment, that they wouldn’t accept it. I think that maybe they never learned how to accept it properly. I heard a long time ago that if someone gave you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you wouldn’t throw it on the ground and step on it, you would gladly accept it, smell the beautiful bouquet and thank them with a smile. So it is with a verbal compliment, it should be treated like those beautiful flowers. Accepting something with gratitude and humility is the same as giving something away. Try it – it will look better on you and you will like it!

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  • It’s amazing what a hug will do to someone that really needs one. And I love that about giving someone flowers, they will never be upset for receiving them. That was beautiful!

  • Really enjoyed your post! Loved how you describe the act of accepting a gift, a compliment a hug. Many of us had a hard time with receiving. Thank you for spreading you love.

  • Hi Mike,
    Wow sounds like you’ve had a powerful week! It’s amazing how simple acts of kindness can have such a profound impact. Keep spreading that positivity!

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