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“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

Amelia Earhart

It is life-changing how many kindnesses I am witnessing now, which just a few months ago before I started this journey with “Color Code”, “Standing Tall”, and now Master Key Experience, would have gone unnoticed. Now I see kindness everywhere, and it’s contagious. I am focused on seeing kindness, and I see it everywhere.

I have used this example before, but it’s worth repeating. These days when I have to drive somewhere, I smile. This was not the case a few months ago. Now I just notice all the kind drivers; those who allow people in when merging, drivers stopping for pedestrians, people using their turning signals and so on.

Before, I was a pretty angry driver, especially the last few years, because I was focused on the wrong thing. I was out there looking for the few drivers who would aggravate me instead of focusing on the good and kind drivers.

Mark and team have used the example of a person who gets an evaluation. That person gets great ratings on 18 or 19 out of 20 evaluation points and 1 where they didn’t do so well, and instead of focusing on the 18 or 19 good ones, they focus on the 1.

Kindness is also contagious. My wife and I went out for brunch at a local diner this week. We mentioned to a couple people about our kindness week.

We asked if we could give hugs to a couple of the people in the diner, and before you know it, people were coming up for their hugs. We even had a big group hug. The mood in the whole diner changed. Just a couple hugs when we walked in, erupted into a laughter, smiling, hug fest.

Be observant, look for it, and you will see kindness everywhere!

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  • Deanna, thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. The whole week ended up like our experience at the diner, hugs and kindnesses all around; it was fantastic!

  • Thank you Myrna! Yes, this experience for the past 7 or so months has been life changing!

  • Cheryl, I think you might be right, it’s probably a guy thing, but not for this guy anymore 🙂 Since I started this journey about 7 months ago, I actually enjoy driving now, and see a lot of kindness out there on the road.
    Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog!

  • Day, thank you for the beautiful comment! Ramona(my wife), and I didn’t realize the hugs would get such a response. It was powerfully wonderful!

  • I enjoyed reading your blog Pedro. I’m glad all the courses you’ve been taking have made you more patient and radiating kindness! You’re right, kindness is contagious and so are hugs!

  • Wow, so great to hear you see 18 and 19 now. What a experience that must have been in the diner. Wonderful.
    I love this sentence; Be observant, look for it, and you will see kindness everywhere!

  • I have noticed my husband being better with driving lately and not getting upset or even making a comment about others driving on the road. I don’t know, that must be a guy thing. LOL!
    I love your hug fest at the restaurant. That is great!

  • Pedro, sounds more like a hug-“feast” you created at the restaurant. What a great experience! Thank you so much for sharing it here.

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