MKE Week 16 – Just Love Them Back To Life

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Human kindness gives us a bit of hope that the world really isn’t as bad as they want us to believe. It’s amazing to be a part of creating joy for someone that may have not experienced it in a very long time. This week I heard the question almost constantly, why?

Most were suspicious at first but then once they realized that I really wanted nothing in return I noticed their demeanor change and they relaxed. So many people cannot accept unmerited kindness because they had an experience where the gesture and act weren’t free so having programmed their mind that way, there’s a block to anyone trying to show them any sort of kindness. There really is no learning but experiential learning.

So, it is my hope that all the things they got to be a part of this week opens their eyes to the idea that there really are some good people in this world. Watching eyes light up and voice octaves change because someone did something nice for them was so rewarding and fulfilling.

Every day I have always made it a priority to create joy for someone in some way an act of kindness. The people that I ran across reminded me of me. There was a time when I would not accept hug from anyone as the act was very foreign to me because I did not grow up with my mom or dad showing me that kind of affection.

It took a long time for that to change and honestly the only way that it did was me just either doing it or accepting hugs from other people. I believe that is exactly the way foreign kindness is for people that have had bad experiences with it, you just keep exposing them to it and eventually something changes within them.

I used to have this saying, I’m just going to love them back to life and guess what? It happened because I persisted in showing them love. If you think about it, kindness is really the act of love.

You are showing someone that they matter and that you care about them. That is life changing. May we all do it always whenever there is an opportunity and at times, we will create the opportunity. Until next time and there will be a next time!

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  • I sure can relate being programmed that way. Always thinking what do you want in return due to my experiences.

    I also believe that kindness is an act of love. Showing someone that they matter and that you care about them. Sure is life changing.

    Thanks for sharing Shannon.

  • I LOVE your saying…” I’m just going to love them back to life.” I can relate with your commentary about something taking time to change and be able to accept. I think many of us didn’t experience something growing up so it was foreign. I know I am also removing cement of developed behaviors because I experienced things WITH an expectation of reciprocity so I simply avoided that. I was also often taken advantage of and allowed myself to be guilted into things because as a housewife “she’s got time. She’s not doing anything” etc. I retracted from much. Tsk tsk tsk on me. But it is what it was and that is a’changing!

  • I can relate to you when you say I did not like being hugged then slowing over time, acceptance of giving hugs to show empathy and it was ok to hug when one was sad started me off……

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