MKE Week 16 – Kindness in the Smallest Places

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This week is Kindness Week. I have to say this has been so much fun to not only witness and be present in moments of random acts of kindness but to also be the one who is doing extra random acts.

While I know there are many I do on the daily for my family such as make my daughter’s lunch, my husband his coffee in the morning and make sure all our animals are fed each day, there are so many more that I just do.

From picking up things around the house for someone who left a dish on the table or counter to doing the dishes to make sure we all have forks for dinner.

My sheet with marks this week is full, and I have been having so much fun going in and commenting on the kindnesses I have witnessed as well as commenting on things others are doing.

I wanted to blog about one experience that I had last night. Last night after working 10 hours, I went to Costco. I took my 2-year-old son with me because my husband wanted to get some things done that he wouldn’t have been able to if he had to watch Oliver too.

So it started when we got to Costco. Instead of taking a cart from inside the building, I took one that was on the curb outside. This was my first act of kindness that I was going to do.

We were greeted with a smile at the door when we showed our card. While we were shopping, Oliver loves to point out the different things around him so as we were going through the produce, he was yelling out what it was that we were passing which was making all the people around us smile.

We go into the area that is a refrigerated area to get our milk and Oliver shivers and goes “Burrr! Really Cold” and again made another older man smile at Oliver’s cuteness. We are continuously greeted with smiles throughout the store.

As we leave, normally when we go to Costco during the day there is a man at the door checking the receipts and he usually gives Oliver a sticker. He wasn’t there and the lady who was didn’t have any stickers. She drew a smiley face on the receipt instead. While this was ok for Oliver you could tell he really missed the sticker.

Before we were heading home, I had to stop at CVS to get my prescription and normally when I have him with me, I will do the drive through. Well last night the drive through window was closed so we had to go in.

While this was something that had me a bit annoyed at first, we went in and were greeted again by a lady at the pharmacy that was smiling and noticed Oliver. She reached down under the counter and brought out a sticker.

Now the ones at Costco were small little smiley face stickers, this one the lady at CVS gave was a Big sticker with a teddy bear on it. Oliver’s face lit up. He took the sticker and proceeded to show it off to the lady behind us in line. He was so excited.

Not only did I recognize kindness all night while I was out but I also noticed how from something that was not expected and inconvenient, something pretty awesome happened for Oliver. Such a cool way to see the Universe work.

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  • Thank you for sharing, Amy! Oliver’s sticker story is awesome! I confess, I should have given myself many more dots for so many little things “I just do”. Kudos to you for crediting yourself!

  • Amy thanks for sharing your episodes with Oliver! He is one lucky guy to have you there to show him kindness and how to see and give it in return!

  • Amy, what a beautiful example of simple, sweet kindness. I’m sure your son is becoming aware of kindness and the Universe’s plan (always better than our own). Thanks so much for sharing!

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