MKE Week 16 – Master Minding Kindness

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THAT was our task this week. As we have now embarked on the Franklin Makeover last week, this week, has us looking for Kindness and we have a GOAL of 2000! Which I have a feeling will be met Today! I have to admit even though I only posted a few acts of kindness that I observed, I actually had a lot of fun commenting on others “Acts of Kindness” and even going as far as commenting on comments about kindness. LOL

The task did seem daunting for a second but when I think of the 150-200 (just a guess) taking the class, if everyone does just 10 – 20 this week, then the goal is met. However, being the over achievers that this class seems to be, I have a feeling that we will at least double that.

This reminds me of the last Og reading we had –

“I am liken to the raindrop which washes away the mountain; the ant who devours a Tiger; the star which brightens the earth; the slave who builds a pyramid. I build my castle one brick at a time for I know that small attempts, repeated complete any undertaking. I persist until I succeed.”

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino

So, we are persisting!

I like this class and the community that it offers. I have set the intention to go to MKE Live in KC and I Will be Back next year! I have found a home.

I Always Keep My Promises – Todd Armstrong

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  • I enjoyed reading how you’re enjoying this week’s Kindness challenge to reach 2000 kindness comments and that you’ve been having fun commenting on the Acts of Kindness others have been doing. Thanks for sharing!

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