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One of my MKE (Master Key Experience) peers likes to discuss words new to me. This week I thought I would discuss terms kind of new to me. I have heard of or read about these words in different contexts, readings etc. I never really delved into research or an in-depth study.

So, the two terms, law of periodicity and Septimal Law. First, I will talk about Septimal Law or the Law of Sevens, which is apropos since I spent parts of the day yesterday talking with my children about the New Moon in Capricorn, as the moon is subject to this Law of Sevens as is the days of the week and harmonies of music to name a few.

This is time broken down into seven-year periods of infancy, childhood, adolescence, full growth, constructive period, reactions and changes and finally reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation.

This accounts for the first 49 years. This law accounts for almost a millennial as it is 98 years long. I started into this because I was curious about the second 49 years. Were they different a repeat or what? It seems that they may just repeat.

This brings me to the second term, the Law of Periodicity which governs the vibratory activities of the Universe. It is stated that all living things have birth, growth, fruitage, and decline. These periods are governed by Septimal Law or the Law of Sevens.

What I was most interested in during my research was looking at this medically in relation to disease. Where cure and crisis develop in accordance with laws of periodicity. This is the Law of Crises. The crises are part of the healing.

It was recognized in the Hippocratic system that this was so and that natural laws operated in the healing process. In this method things such as diet, exercise and natural methods were relied on. These truths and wisdom were lost in the Spiritual Darkness of the Middle Ages. Another thread to follow, not today.

This makes total sense if all energy is vibrational. It would appear that Cosmic Law and Natural Law combined in the individual would create the ability for self-healing. It then follows that if thought is energy and negative thought can create disease, then the vibration of positive thought can heal.

This week focusing on Kindness has been great.

Blessings, Harmony and Happiness All

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  • You know Cheryl, it is important to block the negativity, offer positivity, and protect yourself.

  • Yes, it is amazing that positive thought can heal. I kind of did my blog for week 17 on…as we get older, why does everyone talk about their aches and pains and the health issues they have? I want to be sympathetic to those suffering but knowing what we know through this course that is something I don’t want to hear because that in turn affects our health. Bring on the vibration of positive thought!!!

  • Thanks for your comment day. Indeed I believe if we are responsible, we are responsible

  • Thanks for your comment Carolyn. It truly is especially when you touched them while not fully utilizing them.

  • Thanks for your comment Joan. Yes it is bringing the energy into the individual to awaken the perfect health of the Divine Being that is inherent in the Human Being. Of course there’s more concerning love, light, concentration, ideation, visualization bringing forth the possible condition healed.

  • Hi Michael, It’s exciting to think that the vibration of positive thought can heal. Thank you for the wonderful post.

  • Michael, Thinking about these laws is like discovering the hidden patterns of the universe! Thank you for sharing.

  • Michael, what an interesting set of concepts. Thank you for sharing these and showing how being kind to ourselves can help facilitate healing.

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