MKE Week 16 – The Power of the Thought

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Wow. Week 16, and we are learning more and more from Haanel about the power of thought, specifically constructive thought. If we want better things in our life, then we must use the power of thought, and tap into this spiritual power.

We know that through the law of cause and effect , that thought comes before action. Idealization, visualization and materialization lead to this creative power to use the law of attraction to bring into our lives the conditions which we desire. We know that it all begins in the world within, that eventually expresses itself in the world without.

So in our world within, we have the opportunity to create and mold mental images through what we think, and use them to forge desired experiences.

“Thinking is the one great cause in life.”

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel, 16-16

When we create a thought, we are learning that the result of that thought is controlled by its form, quality and vitality. These three components utilize the mental images, the positive directive, and the feeling attached. If it is constructive, then through the law of growth, it will attract exactly what it needs for fulfillment. Realization of this fact gives one a sense of empowerment.

The Natural Laws work in a harmonious environment to facilitate visualization in our imagination to form high ideals focused on bringing us success. The sense of feeling must be utilized if we wish the desired results. Through focus and concentration we create the correct mental attitude and correct thinking.

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  • Excellent summary, Jack! I am so glad I committed to this course. And I am so grateful you are with Pedro and me on this journey and we can discuss it together. It’s a foreign language for those not here! 🙂

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