MKE Week 16 – The Power to Create Depends Entirely upon the Spiritual Power of Thought

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Through Charles Haanel’s Master Key Experience, the concept of our Thought, our Thinking, is KEY! This entails of course, controlling our thoughts and our thinking on every level. Haanel clearly defines Thought as a “truly spiritual power”. Had it ever crossed your mind that your thinking is a “spiritual power”? That is quite an empowering concept wouldn’t you say!?

We are the creator, the writer, the sculptor of our lives and our life experience in a most profound, and yet most simple manner. The thought of this power and responsibility could be “Scarey” in one sense, but we’ll substitute the word “Exciting”, which is really a most appropriate term.

It is up to us to create with our thoughts that ideal of the life we wish to create. “…He who aspires to such success must formulate an ideal for which he is willing to strive.” We must formulate our definite fixed purpose, our ideal. We begin this process by designing and writing out our “DMP” or Definite Major Purpose, and reading it several times per day.

As Charles Haanel mentions in Part Sixteen, #8 –

“The power to create depends entirely upon spiritual power; there are three steps, idealization, visualization, and materialization….all spiritual powers.”

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel, Part 16, #8

What we visualize already exists in the spiritual world. Knowing this proves that we can take our fate out of the hands of chance and into our own hands. Our thoughts proceed and determine our action, therefore it is most important to control our thoughts, and work to reside our state of consciousness in happiness and harmony.

Thought and feeling is the magic combination, or the law of attraction. With exercising this scientific formula we can absolutley create our lives to be what we determine and strive for, beyond our wildest dreams!

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  • Very good blog! Profound when you analyze it. We are the creators of our life and have the power to control our thoughts that transform into reality. What incredible power we have within us if we recognize and use it.

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